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Crush, Sublime ST Maple 3 Piece Shell Pack in Purple Sparkle Stripe
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Sublime ST Maple 3 Piece Shell Pack in Purple Sparkle Stripe

SKU: STR386621

UPCSDD: 0650298810661
Regular Price $1,700.00
Our Price: $999.99

ST Overview The newest version of the Sublime Maple series is here and we are sure they will satisfy your appetite for beauty, quality craftsmanship and sonic superiority. The Sublime Maple Stripe is available in 3 tasty flavors, Blue Crush, Purple Crush and Gold Crush. For the ST Series, our flagship Sublime Maple series undergo a specialized 4-step painting process to produce three stunning and unique finishes. These finishes may be unlike anything you have ever seen, but the beauty of these drums is definitely beyond skin deep. The shells are crafted from 100% North American Maple and are finished with our well thought out Sublime hardware fittings to ensure that each drum produces the warm, fat tones you expect from a high-end Maple shell. As is standard with the Sublime series, bearing edges are selected based on the drum type and size to optimize the sound from each shell. Proven time and time again in reviews, in the studio and on stage with some of today’s top artists, the Sublime Maple series has continued to exceed the expectations of the most selective drummers. So pull up a throne, give them a taste and we are certain your senses will be delighted. For real though, we know they look delicious but please do not try to eat them, they are drums and that would just be weird. Featuring: Sublime Mini Bridge Lugs, X-Suspension Mounts, Mating Memory Locks, 2 Position Bass Drum Spurs, and Crush Hoops Saver Drum Claws, and Removable Inserts in the tom brackets (allowing use of multiple sized tom arms). Hoop Saver Claws Modern classic designed die cast claws featuring protruding gaskets that protect your finishes. Crush X-Mount 4-Point suspension spanning four lugs. Allows for tighter fits and increased resonance while keeping your toms exactly where you want them. Mini Bridge Lugs Minimalistic low mass design reduces shell contact allowing your drums to sound deeper and more resonant. Mating Memory Locks Mating Memory Locks allow for super fast set up and are integrated into the bracket for a design that is visually stunning and extremely functional. Hybrid Snare Wires Carbon Steel and Brass snare wires combine for superior sizzle and an alligator strength bite • North American Maple Shells • 6 Ply Bass Drum with a Double 45º Bearing Edge on the Batter Side and a Fully Rounded Bearing Edge on the Resonant Side • 6 Ply (5.4mm) Toms with Double 45º Bearing Edges w/ Slightly Rounded Outer Edge • 6 Ply Snare Drum with Single 45º Bearing Edges • 2.3mm Tom Hoops • 2.3mm Reverse Flange Snare Drum Hoops • Removable Inserts in the Tom Brackets (allowing use of multiple sized tom arms 10.5mm to 12.5mm) • Chrome Plated Hardware


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