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Lowrey, LOWREY Performer Model SU430D
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LOWREY Performer Model SU430D


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The Performer features a world wide selection of dynamic rhythm styles. Each blue style button holds a total of six distinctive rhythm variations. For example, press the blue Classic button and you get a style called Symphonic. Press the blue Variation 1 button and you get Baroque. The Variation 2 button holds a style called Square Dance. Press both Variation buttons at the same time for More! Three additional variation categories appear on the Color Touch Screen: Mellow – Strings 101, Exciting - Classic Western and Basic – Basic Traditional. Adding to all this variety is the Performer’s numerous easy-play and rhythm control features. Control how much of a style is heard with Genie and Orch Plus. Drum Variation changes the drum pattern in a style and Drum Only plays just the drum portion of a style. Alter Style makes changes to a rhythm style, adding even more variety to the rhythm section. Auto Bass 1 or Auto Bass 2 plays the bass pedals for you. MCS is Lowrey’s famous easy-play chord system and Memory holds the last MCS chord played even after the key is released. Intro Ending adds professionally- scored beginnings and endings to your songs. Start Stop begins and pauses a style. Add a break or fill-in with FX. Fade-Out causes the ending of a style to slowly fade away at the end of a song.

Rhythm Plus Orchestration 144 fully-orchestrated styles. Control features include: Alpha Style Listing, Genie, Orch Plus, Auto Bass 1 & 2, Drum Variation, Tempo, Alter Style, Drum Only, MCS (Music Chord System), Memory, Easy, Variation 1 - 2 - More (Variations Mellow, Exciting, Basic), Intro/Ending, Start Stop, FX, Drum Volume, Rhythm Preset Presets 2,225 Total Presets. Power Up-1; General Presets-10; Category Presets-90 10 per category: Country, Big Band, Show, Latin, Sacred, Bells, Nostalgic, Holidays, Lush; Bank Presets-40: 10 per bank: A, B, C, D (programmable); Song Set Up-500; Rhythm Presets-1,584 Touch Screen Full Color - 320 x 240 Liquid Crystal Display “Touch Sensitive” Screen Orchestral Sounds Features Piano, Jazz Guitar, Accordion, Vibes, Electric Piano, Country Guitar, Trombone, Marimba, Banjo, Hawaiian, Genius 1, Genius 2 Volume, Upper On, Lower On, Dynamic Keying, Upper Octave Solo Sounds Features Society Piano, Trumpet, Violin, Bells, Sax, Jazz Flute, Chimes, Genius 1, Genius 2, Volume, Upper On, Lower On, Dynamic Keying, Portamento, Upper Octave Bass Tabs Bass Sustain, Bass 16, Bass 8, Ensemble Bass, Pedal Genius, Pedal Drawbars Lower Tabs Lower Genius, Vocal Ensemble, Strings 8, Strings 4, String Vocal Sustain, Flute 8, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Lower Flute Sustain, Lower Master On/Off, Lower Flute Drawbars Upper Tabs Upper Flute Sustain, Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1 1/3, Flute 1, Flute Percussion, String Vocal Sustain, Strings 16, Strings 8, Strings 4, Vocal Ensemble, Upper Genius, Upper Master On/Off, Upper Flute Drawbars Tab Controls Flute Vibra Trem Slow/Fast, Flute Chorus, Chorus/Celeste, Flute Tab Select Lowrey or Jazz, Master Lower/Upper Tabs, Theatre Drums Genius Assign sounds from the menu of 285 Genius sounds to the Golden Harp Genius, Solo Genius 1-2, Orchestral Genius 1-2, Upper Genius tab, Lower Genius tab, and Pedal Genius tab. Touch Bar Programmable Touch Bar (19 Selectable Functions) Music Recorder Record/Playback SU Performance, Playback General MIDI, General MIDI w/Lyrics, Capture Presets Graphic Mixer Volume Controls: Master, Bass, Orch Plus, Lower, Upper String/Vocal, Reverb Amount Feature Lock Control, Accompaniment, Tempo, Harmony Golden Harp Eight Arpeggio Patterns, Golden Harp Genius Harmony Seven Harmony Selections: AOC, Duet, 3 Part, 4 Part, Country, Polka, Block Sound Effects Assign sounds from 141 Sound Effect & Drum Sounds to certain lower keyboard keys and Select sounds for the Theatre Drums feature Keys & Pedals Two 61-Note Upper and Lower Manuals, 13-Note Spinet Style Pedalboard Connections Stereo Headphone, Microphone (separate volume controls) MIDI In-Out-Thru, Aux Out/In Right-Left/Mono, Video Out Dimensions/Ship Weight 48” Wide x 29.5” Deep x 46” High with Music Rack removed, 54” with Music Rack Installed 366 lbs. - Including Bench Cabinet Natural Wood Veneers & Solids, Walnut or Oak Finish, Wood Roll Top, Lighted Music Rack Extender Bench Deluxe Padded Bench, Opens for Music Book and Disk Storage
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