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Lowrey, Lowrey Premier SE30 Home Organ
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Lowrey Premier SE30 Home Organ

SKU: Premier SE30

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Lowrey Premier SE30 Intermediate Series Home Organ

Premier SE30 Rythym Styles: BIG BAND- Swing Band, Swing Train, Basic Big Band FOX TROT- Champagne, Charleston, Basic Fox Trot COUNTRY- Country Swing, The Train, Basic Country SWING- Serenade, Harmoni-Cats, Basic Swing RHYTHM & BLUES- Chicago Blues, Slow EZ Blues, Basic R & B GOSPEL- Revival, Church Organ, Basic Gospel BROADWAY- Opener, Sleigh Bells, Basic Broadway HAWAIIAN- Aloha, Paradise, Basic Hawaiian MARCH-Thundering, Swing March (6/8), Basic March POLKA- Happy Poka, Bavarian Polka, Basic Polka SOFT & EASY- EZ 4/4Guitars, Basic Soft n' Easy BALLAD- 50's Love Song, Smokey Lounge, Basic Ballad ROCK'N ROLL- 50's Swing Rock, Bandstand, Basic Rock RAGTIME- Joplin Stride, Honky Tonk, Basic Ragtime Rythym Features: Auto Bass 1, 2, MCS, Memory, Variation, Drum Only, Intro/Ending, Start Stop, FX, Drum Volume, Rhythm Tempo, Downbeat Display Presets: General Presets(10), Rhythm Presets (594), Category Presets (20), Bank Preset (10), Song Set Up Presets (200) Orchestral Sounds: Piano, Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Trombone, Vibes, Accordion, Electric Piano, Country Guitar, Hawaiian, Strings, Marimba, Orch Genius (100 Sounds) Bass Tabs: Bass Sustain, Bass 16, Bass 8, Pedal Genius (100 Sounds) Lower Tabs: Lower Genius, (100 Sounds)Vocal, Ensemble, Strings 8, Lower Sustain, Flute 8, Flute 4 Upper Tabs: Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2, Mellow Organ, Pipe Organ, Upper Sustain, Strings 16, Strings 8, Vocal Ensemble Upper Theater Tabs: n/a Graphic Mixer: Master Volume, Reverb Amount, Bass Volume, Orch Plus, Volume, Lower Volume, Upper String/Vocal Volume Animation: Flute Vibra, Trem Fast, Flute Vibra, Trem Slow Information Center: 4 line, 20 Character Display, Display Contrast Adjust, Tempo/Chord/ Pedal/ Key Display, Enter Button, Feature/Clear Button, Scroll Up/Down Buttons Golden Harp: n/a Harmony: AOC, Duet, 3 Part, 4 Part Music Recorder: Accomp Track, Upper Track, Rewind, Fast Forward, Erase, Record, Stop, Play/Pause, Merge Record

Disk Drive: 3.5" format, Record/Play SE, Performance, Play MIDI files, Capture Presets Advanced Features: Set Key Split, Stereo Input Jacks, MIDI In-Out-Thru, Repeat, Auto AOC, AOC All, Genius Octave, Keyed Drums, Lower Sound Effects,'Sustain Length, Format Disk, Load Presets, Save Presets, Delete Presets, Rename Presets, Copy Song, Rename Song, Delete Song, Chain Songs, Light Show Special Features: 50 Songs On Disk, Easy Button, Right Foot Switch Select, Lighted ABCs, MCS Lights, Padded Bench/Storage, Music Rack Extender, Wood Rolltop, Oak or Walnut Finish Connections: Headphone Output (Stereo), Stereo Output Jacks Keyboards: 49 Note Upper Manual, 49 Note Lower Manual, 13 Note Pedal Board Sound System: 2-12" Dynamic Range, 2-3" High Range Dimensions: 45.75" Wide, 25.75" Deep, 43" High (Rack Removed), 51.25" (Rack Installed), 222 lbs. With Bench
Oak or Walnut
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